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Focus on the best opportunities

Creating market intelligence that lets you make the best decisions about which markets to pursue and which to ignore.



Market Analysis

Is there a market for your product and can you make money there?  We can provide deep quantitative and qualitative insights into markets, customers, competitors, and what's driving change so you can decide which markets to pursue and which to ignore.

Segmentation Strategy

Who will be the most valuable customers and how do you win their business?  We can help you design well-defined, quantified and unique customer segments and understand their value, demographics, needs, challenges, goals, attitudes and decision processes.

Opportunity Assessment

Where are the best intersections of your capabilities with the market? We help you determine key success factors, alignment with your capabailities, investment levels and value creation potential so you can decide which opportunities to pursue.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Where the rubber meets the road. We develop execution roadmaps that are detailed guides to successful implementation of your growth strategy. They  include initiatives, timelines, owners and a methodology for tracking performance versus goals.